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DigiClean Plus is the latest advance in microfiber screen cleaner technology and has the following unique breakthrough features:

 1.  Adheres to rubberized and textured cases.  You don't have any disappointed customers with DigiClean Plus.  The unique advanced adhesion system means that DigiClean Plus can be kept on the back of virtually everyone's smart phone or mobile phone regardless of the kind of case or surface. 

 2.  Full colour print on the adhesion side for double the impact.  Get an extra unexpected promotional whammy whenever the DigiClean Plus cleaner is peeled off the phone.  Now at no extra charge!!  Popular for QR codes, website addresses, promotional offers, or just a more colourful cleaner when being used.

 3.  Antibacterial and Antimicrobial treatment keeps it hygenic.  The microfiber on DigiClean Plus has been chemically  treated to kill germs.

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